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"Our Service is Your Service!" tm
"Our Service is Your Service!" tm
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Boost Sales! Training is an Investment that pays!

Realize your maximum business potential. Improved Sales, Greater Profitability, and Increased Repeat Business. These are all immediate and direct benefits of Customer Service Training you can see, and bank on!

"It is not how much a customer spends, but how they feel afterwards that will make your business successful."- J. Harries

Our training programs inspire, motivate and educate staff how to boost sales, repeat business and make more money!

Customer Service is what separates a good business from a great one. The Hospitality Training Company provides Training Classes that inspire your staff. Training that will ensure improved customer service and grow your business.

We come to you and deliver training classes that increase sales.
All employees are sales people and a trained customer service professional is your most valuable team member. Our training classes reinforce and motivate your team. Training classes will keep your team focused to deliver results.

Benefits that are immediate and measurable.
Your staff are your front line when it comes to selling your business. Staff that are well trained protect your assets and secure your future. Increased sales, greater staff motivation, and higher repeat business are all immediate benefits of heightened customer service. Benefits that begin after every training class. Customer service that will change an average transaction to a memorable experience. By training your staff you are providing them with the focus and drive necessary to reinforce and strengthen their service delivery.
Are you providing your staff with the tools they need to maximize your profits?

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing one or just want to improve your sales, staff training provides a competitive advantage to help you achieve your financial goals.

How is The Hospitality Training Company different?

We are a resource center that provides training manuals and classes held on location for your staff. We come to you. All training is tailored to fit the needs and goals of your establishment and designed to help you generate maximum profit growth.

Our services include; training classes and courses designed to motivate existing staff and help your team generate higher sales; job descriptions and manuals written with your establishment as a guide, tailored specifically to suit your needs, and; management courses, designed to help your management team ensure consistency, and continued business success. In these unstable financial times, ensure a successful business by investing in your future. Train your staff.

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